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Heckin’ Unicorn is looking for an intern.

Hi, I’m Yu Sheng, and I run Heckin’ Unicorn. I’m looking for a full-time marketing / writing intern (3–6 months) to help me out!

About Heckin’ Unicorn 🦄

Heckin’ Unicorn is a Singapore-based queer brand that designs and sells LGBTQ+ pride products such as enamel pins, socks, and notebooks. But we’re more than just a merch store.

We want to create a world where LGBTQ+ folks live freely and equally as themselves. We write about LGBTQ+ issues in Singapore and more, donate to LGBTQ+ support organisations, and call out anti-LGBTQ+ bullshit that’s too common in Singapore.

And even though I love to use “we” when talking about Heckin’ Unicorn, it’s run by only 1 person (hi, that’s me).

About this internship

There will be a bunch of administrative tasks that I’ll need your help with. But beyond that, you’ll also help with our marketing / writing efforts. You’ll help with social media engagement, email marketing, and if you’re up for it, our blog. 

What you’ll do

I’ll be here to set you up and guide you throughout your internship journey. 

The admin stuff:

  • You’ll help us pack our customers’ orders once a week. 
  • You’ll respond to emails from customers. 
  • You’ll help to manage The Unicorn Library: this involves packing and sending book reservations, as well as tracking and receiving book returns. 

The marketing / writing stuff:

  • You’ll help to plan our social media and email marketing schedule. This includes our regular social media posts, as well as special sales events. You don’t have to worry about the taking of photos or design of posts; I’ll support you on that front. 
  • You’ll help to keep our social media followers engaged! This can be done via Q&As, games, or any other format you can think of. Again, I’ll support / guide you with whatever design collaterals you’ll need. 
  • BONUS: If you’re into books, you can help to curate new book purchases for The Unicorn Library, our free LGBTQ+ library. 
  • BONUS: If you’re up for it, you can propose blog article topics and help research on it. You don’t have to worry about writing the whole article. 

Heckin’ Unicorn operates from a home office (i.e. my home), and you can work remotely unless I need your help in-person (e.g. when packing orders). 

Who we’re looking for

  • Someone who can speak to the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ folks in Singapore, who is passionate about LGBTQ+ issues in Singapore and around the world. (You don’t have to be super knowledgeable about such issues though.)
  • An excellent communicator, both in writing and in person. 
  • A social media native who is familiar with Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. 
  • A creative person who can think of wild ideas or new perspectives on issues. An empathetic person who is sensitive towards the feelings or needs of others. In other words, someone who can still rein it in and not cross the line. 
  • A fast learner. 
  • A well-organised and meticulous person.
  • Due to the nature of the work (packing orders + managing The Unicorn Library), we’re only looking for folks who live in Singapore. 
  • If you’re a foreign student in Singapore, please check if you fall within MOM’s criteria for a Work Pass exemption. If you require some form of an employment pass for this internship, we can’t promise that we’ll be able to secure it for you!
  • We don’t have an age requirement per se, though we do require someone who is mature in thinking. As a rough gauge, folks above 18 years old (i.e. Poly / JC / Uni students) may fit into what we’re looking for. If you’re slightly younger but are mature and are a fast learner, just apply for it.
  • We’re trying to hire a full-time intern, but we’re also open to folks who may be studying full time. The internship start date is flexible, and so long as you feel like you’re not at the risk of burning out or being too stressed, we can arrange a schedule such that parts of the internship happens during your school break. For example, the internship could start during your school term (so you’ll be working part-time with us), and continue on during your school break (you’ll then be working full-time with us). But please prioritise your mental health and don’t stress yourself up over an internship.

If you feel slightly under-qualified, just fucking apply for it. 

Pay & internship duration

We’ll be paying an allowance of S$1,300 per month, with CPF added on top of that. 

We’re looking for an intern who can stay with us for 3–6 months (ideally 6 months). The start & end dates are flexible, but earlier start dates are preferred. 

Some extra things to consider before applying:

  • Will you be comfortable if your family finds out that you’re working for Heckin’ Unicorn? You won’t need to go public about interning with us, but you should consider whether your personal safety will be at risk by working with us. 
  • Will you be comfortable working with me (and my family) from my home office? You’ll generally be able to work remotely, but I’ll need you to come over to help with packing orders around 1-2 times a week. (My family is super LGBTQ-friendly)
  • Will you be comfortable with my dog at my home office? (Her name is Nugget!)
  • Will you be COVID-responsible, i.e. adhere to all the rules / restrictions relating to COVID.

Application process

  • Fill in the application form below to apply. 
  • We’ll get back to you in 5–10 working days. 
  • We’ll schedule 1-2 chats with you if you’re shortlisted. This can be face to face or via video call (face to face is preferred, and coffee / tea / drinks will be on me!)