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Donation collaboration with The T Project

We’re really excited to work with The T Project on not only our first trans pin, but also our first donation collaboration! 

We pledge to donate all profits from our “Transcendent butterfly” enamel pin to The T Project — today, tomorrow, forever. The work that The T Project does is extremely important for our local (Singaporean) trans community, and we’re proud to be able to contribute to their fundraising efforts.

This “Transcendent butterfly” pin celebrates the beauty of transformation — both internal and external. It’s is for all our trans brothers, sisters, siblings, friends, and family. It’s for the allies and supporters who wanna chip in to build a safer, stronger society for all. 

We’ve always wanted to create a positive impact on the LGBTQ community since we started in January 2019. And we’re happy that we’re able to make our first step now, with the support that we’ve got from all of you.

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