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A queer brand run by queer folks, that *actually* gives back.

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Our family of bags 🌈

Beautiful. Comfy. Feature-packed.

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🔥 Sling bag

Lightweight. Versatile. Cute.

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NEW: Beanies

8 colourful beanies, 3 new designs!

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NEW: Queer Club pin

Lifetime membership. (There's no escape)

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NEW: You're safe with me

Great for allies and LGBTQ+ folks alike!

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NEW: Alphabet Soup keychain

Shake those tiny L-G-B-T-Q-I-A charms!

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Our happy, proud customers 🏳️‍🌈

My friend can’t be fully out at home and I know it’s hard on her, so I ordered your pins. They are perfect, and I needn’t have worried, your packaging was totally safe as promised. So, I just wanted to say thank you! 😊


Hello! I just wanted to tell you: thanks. I didn't really know how to tell my parents that I'm pansexual as I'm 33 and moved out ages ago. But I had the urge to tell them, so I wore your pancakes pin and my mum asked me about it. I told her what it meant, and her reaction was "so you just love everyone? I expected nothing else!" Thank you!


Really high quality product! I will definitely be buying lots more, A+++! The thing that really stands out is the service: they replaced my missing item without quibble! 

Liam Butler

I love the notebook and pin I ordered so much! Thank you so much~ They made extra effort to ensure the quality of the products, wrapping them in bubble wrap! All in all I highly recommend them!


Trust me, the pins are as beautiful as the pictures. They arrived in great condition! I’d recommend you to purchase items from them, 100%! 👍👌🥇🏅

Aardy Tan

Very kind, patient, and understanding!! Sweet note came with my item as well :))


Thank you so much for the pins, I love them and I love what you do :) Heckin’ Unicorn is super great and I would definitely buy from them again!! 

Cynthia Marie

The pins are amazing!! Super love it!! All great quality and most importantly, a perfectly subtle way of expressing one’s identity. 🌈🌈 I’ll definitely purchase again when more designs are out! 😊


Hey you! You're awesome 🌈

That’s all. 🦄

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LGBTQ+ Enamel Pins

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LGBTQ+ Notebooks

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