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Donation to the Relief and Resilience Fund for LGBTQ+ Persons

We're proud to pledge 10% of all* sales proceeds in June 2020 to the Relief and Resilience Fund for LGBTQ+ Persons, organised by Sayoni and Brave Spaces

LGBTQ+ individuals are disproportionally affected by COVID-19, with 20% of them reportedly living in hostile home environments, and 60% struggling with mental issues. 

This fund will help the community in Singapore in 3 key areas:

  1. Grants for loss of income. The fund will provide cash grants to LGBTQ+ individuals who lost their income. This will help them with utilities, expenses, and basic necessities. 
  2. Free online support groups. The fund will hire a trained LGBTQ-sensitive counsellor to conduct a series of online support group sessions. The sessions will be free and open for all. 
  3. Free face-to-face counselling. The fund will pay for counselling hours with LGBTQ-affirming providers for LGBTQ+ individuals who need support. 

Please visit give.asia/lgbtqrrfund if you wish to donate to the fund directly. 

*We won't be donating the proceeds from the "Transcendent butterfly" pin to this fund, because it's already pledged to The T Project, a local trans shelter.