Digital gift card

Digital gift card

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Want to send your friend a gift but not sure what to buy? Get them a digital gift card instead! They will have the freedom to purchase anything they want from our store!

How it works:

  • You buy a digital gift card of any of the available denominations.
  • Once we process the order (within a day), you'll receive an email with the digital gift card. The digital gift card is a unique code that can be used at checkout (e.g. "XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX"). 
  • You can then forward this gift card email to your friend, or simply send them the gift card code. 
  • When your friend makes a purchase, they can enter the gift card code at checkout, in the "Discount code" field! 

Our gift cards are great:

  • The gift card value can be used to pay for the entire order amount, including shipping costs! 
  • The gift card value can be spent across multiple orders, until it's totally used up. For example, when your friend uses a $100 gift card on a $42 order, the remaining $58 will be stored in their gift card. They can then use it for their next purchase(s), until all the balance is spent!
  • Our gift cards can be used on any product.
  • Our gift cards never expire.