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Collection: Pride Socks

Celebrate your pride with these cute LGBTQ+ pride sock designs! All socks are designed with pride in Singapore 🏳️‍🌈

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Cute and unique crew length socks

Our sock designs include not just boring pride flags that you can find at any store, but designs based on puns and inside jokes from queer communities.

Our favourites are the pancake sock for pansexual folks, the bicycle sock for bisexual folks, and the trans socks for transgender folks. But we also have more subtle designs like the rainbow stripe sock and rainbow dots sock, which are more colour focused.

All our socks are vividly coloured and designed in-house, and you won’t find them anywhere else. We believe all people of all genders and sexualities deserve love and representation!

In addition, these socks are knitted and not printed – this means they’ll look authentic and polished instead of cheap and misaligned. They’re also crew length, so people will be sure to see the cute designs – why wear them if nobody’s going to see them?

Why socks are great for showing off pride

Socks are a practical, easy way of showing pride. These designs can be obvious or subtle depending on how you style them, but they’re crew length so you can be sure they’ll be visible, even if you’re wearing your favourite high-cut shoes!

They’re also a great way to add a splash of colour to your outfit, with our vibrant colours like baby pink and bright yellow. They’re easy to match too, if you get the more neutral colours like blue, cream and navy.

Show your support or pride for the LGBTQ+ community with these cute socks!

Choosing between subtle or obvious sock designs

Heckin’ Unicorn gives you the option to choose between subtle and obvious sock designs. Obvious designs are a great way to show the world that you’re loud and proud, and more people will recognise them, identifying you at LGBTQ+ or an ally! Prepare to get compliments on these colourful, cute socks.

However, some people are still in the closet or live in hostile environments, and we want to cater to them too. For them, we have more subtle socks based on puns and inside jokes, which can be easily passed off if you happen to be with somebody who isn’t part of the community or is hostile to it. This subtlety allows people to be proud safely, because we all deserve to feel pride, whether we’re out or not.

Everyone wears socks: it’s a versatile gift

Socks are often the most underrated gifts. We all wear them and they protect our feet and keep us warm. They’re not just snug and comfortable, but versatile and incredibly practical. People will love these cute designs – prepare to get lots of compliments on them!

In addition, pride socks send a message of support and love to members of the LGBTQ+ community who see them, which is always a plus.

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