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Unique LGBTQ+ themed pride pins that you can wear anywhere. Designed with pride in Singapore 🏳️‍🌈

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  • Polyamory Award Badge — enamel pin
    Polyamory Award Badge — enamel pin

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Cute and unique pride pins

Heckin’ Unicorn is a small Singaporean business that sells cute, unique pride pins for LGBTQ+ people and allies! Our designs include not just boring pride flags that you can find at any store, but pins based on puns and inside jokes from queer communities.

Our favourites are the pancake pin for pansexual folks, the bicycle pin for bisexual folks, and the flannel pin for lesbian folks. Of course, if you want classic pride pins, we have award badges in the colours of countless pride flags, like the trans flag, the MLM flag, the genderfluid flag, the non-binary flag, the abrosexual flag and even the polyamory flag. Are you an ally? Fear not, we have pins for you too, like the Love is Love pin and the gorgeous Ally of Pride pin.

All our pins are vividly coloured and designed in-house, and you won’t find our pins anywhere else. We believe all people of all genders and sexualities deserve love and representation!

Why pride pins are great for showing off LGBTQ+ pride

Pride pins are an ideal way to showcase your pride. They’re subtle enough that only people in the know will recognise what your pin means, so you know you’ll be safe wearing them out! Not only that, but they’ll make you recognisable to other queer people around you – what better way is there to make new queer friends?

If you’re an ally, you can wear these too to show that you support LGBTQ+ rights and that you can provide a safe space for people to show their true, rainbow colours. They’re easy to pin onto any item of clothing or bag, and have secure rubber backings to make sure they stay where you want them.

Apart from that, they’re just amazing accessories overall, because of their bright colours and unique designs. Talk about a conversation starter!

Choosing between subtle or obvious pride pins

Heckin’ Unicorn gives you the option to choose between subtle and obvious pride pins. Obvious pins are a great way to show the world that you’re loud and proud, and more people will recognise them, identifying you at LGBTQ+ or an ally! Prepare to get compliments on these colourful, cute pins.

However, some people are still in the closet or live in hostile environments, and we want to cater to them too. For them, we have more subtle pins based on puns and inside jokes, which can be easily passed off if you happen to be speaking to somebody who isn’t part of the community or is hostile to it. This subtlety allows people to be proud safely, because we all deserve to feel pride, whether we’re out or not.

Enamel pins are super versatile and great as gifts

Enamel pins are an incredibly versatile accessory. Wear them on basically any cloth object you own – clothes, backpacks, tote bags, pencil cases, jackets, collars… you can even put them in cork boards or set them on your table as an eye-catching decoration.

Wear them alone to make a clear statement, or keep a collection of pins to capture different facets of your personality! They’re great gifts too, as they’re small, unique and let’s be frank, very cute. These pins are bearers of a message of support and love, and who doesn’t appreciate a bit of that?

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