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When is International Pronouns Day 2024 and what does it mean?

International Pronouns Day is an annual event that is held on the third Wednesday of October every year. It serves to raise awareness of the importance of respecting, sharing, educating, and correctly using pronouns

Sharing and respecting pronouns is incredibly important. It helps create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of their gender identity or expression. By using the pronouns that someone shares with you, you are showing them respect and acknowledging their identity. It can be hurtful and invalidating to be mis-gendered, and using the wrong pronouns can be a form of discrimination.

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Sharing and respecting pronouns also helps to create a sense of belonging and community. It allows people to feel seen and heard and can help foster a sense of mutual understanding. When we use the correct pronouns, we are sending a message that we value and respect the person we are speaking to.

Finally, sharing and respecting pronouns is a form of self-expression. By using the correct pronouns, we are showing ourselves and others that we are open and accepting of different gender identities and expressions. It can also be a way of showing solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, who are often subject to discrimination and marginalization for their gender identity or expression.

What are pronouns? 

Pronouns refer to the pronouns that a person prefers to be associated with. For example, a trans woman might prefer the pronouns “she / her / hers”, and a cisgender man might prefer “he / him / his”. There are also people who prefer gender neutral pronouns like “they / them / theirs”. 

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Increasingly, people refer to “preferred pronouns” just as “pronouns” (i.e. dropping the word “preferred”), because they believe that a person’s pronouns aren’t just preferred, but are the ones that must be used. 

The sharing or display of pronouns in the workplace, or on social media profiles, has also become increasingly common. Pronouns are not indicative of a person’s sexual orientation, so naturally, not everyone who shares or displays their pronouns identify as LGBTQ+

The reason straight, cisgender people share or display their pronouns is simple: they want to show others that they will respect everyone’s pronouns; in other words, displaying their pronouns is a way to let others know (especially LGBTQ+ folks) that they will create a safe space for any LGBTQ+ folks around them. 

When is International Pronouns Day 2024? 

International Pronouns Day is celebrated annually on the third Wednesday of October. 

In 2024, International Pronouns Day will fall on Wednesday, 16 October 2024. 

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How did International Pronouns Day first start off? 

International Pronouns Day was first observed on October 17, 2018. The day was created to raise awareness about the importance of using gender-inclusive language and respecting everyone’s pronouns. 

The day’s founders wanted to create a day when people of all gender identities could come together to celebrate their pronouns and to create a greater understanding of the importance of using them.

The day is now celebrated annually on the third Wednesday of October. People can celebrate by sharing and learning about other people’s pronouns. They can also celebrate by educating themselves and others about gender pronouns and the importance of using them.

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International Pronouns Day is an important reminder that everyone should respect one another’s pronouns and to create a more inclusive and understanding environment for everyone.

What is the significance of International Pronouns Day?  

The purpose of International Pronouns Day is to make space for people to share their pronouns and to promote respect and inclusion of all gender identities. 

This day is significant because it provides an opportunity for people to express themselves and to be respected for who they are. It also raises awareness about gender diversity and the importance of using people’s correct pronouns.

By recognizing International Pronouns Day, we are sending a clear message that everyone should be respected and accepted regardless of their gender identity. This is essential for creating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. It also encourages people to be more mindful and aware of the language they use.

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Overall, International Pronouns Day is important for creating an inclusive society and for celebrating the diversity of gender identities. It is a powerful way to demonstrate our respect for all people and to show that we value everyone’s unique perspectives and experiences.

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