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When is Asexual Awareness Week (Ace Week) 2023 and what does it mean?

Asexual Awareness Week (also called Ace Week) is an annual event that takes place at the end of October to celebrate and recognise the diversity of asexuality. It is a time to educate the public about asexuality, to celebrate and recognise asexual people, and to build awareness and solidarity.

The goals of Asexual Awareness Week are to build understanding and acceptance of asexuality and to promote asexual visibility. During the week, asexual-identified people and allies come together to hold events, share stories, and take action. This could include hosting panel discussions, organising online campaigns, and participating in other activities to raise awareness about asexuality and promote asexual acceptance.

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Additionally, during Asexual Awareness Week, asexual-identified people and allies can use the hashtag #AceAwarenessWeek to document their experiences and share resources. This is a great way to connect with other asexual people and to spread the word about asexuality.

Asexual Awareness Week is an important event that helps to bring visibility and recognition to asexuality. It is a time to celebrate asexual people, to educate the public, and to build understanding and acceptance.

What does asexual mean? 

Asexuality is an orientation where an individual experiences little to no sexual attraction. Asexual people may still experience romantic attraction, and some may experience other forms of attraction such as aesthetic, sensual, or platonic. Asexual people can identify as heterosexual, gay, bisexual, pansexual, or any other orientation.

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Other asexual sub-identities include demisexual, grey-asexual, and more. A demisexual person is sexually attracted only to people whom they share an emotional bond with. Grey asexuality refers to a “grey” spectrum of sexuality that lies between asexuality and sexuality. A person on this spectrum may experience sexual attraction on occasion or only towards specific people (e.g. people they’re in a romantic relationship with). People in this spectrum are known as “grey- A”, “grey ace”, “grace”, “semisexual”, “asexual-ish” or “sexual-ish”. 

Asexuality is different than celibacy, where one deliberately avoids sexual activity. 

When is Asexual Awareness Week 2023? 

Asexual Awareness Week is celebrated annually on the last full week of October. 

In 2023, Asexual Awareness Week will happen from Monday, 23 October 2023, to Sunday, 29 October 2023. 

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How did Asexual Awareness Week first start off? 

Asexual Awareness Week was created by Sara Beth Brooks in 2010 as a way to raise awareness of asexuality, which is a form of orientation in which a person does not experience sexual attraction. 

The goal of Asexual Awareness Week is to educate people about asexuality and create a space for asexuals to connect and be seen. The event was first held in October 2010 and has since been held annually. 

What is the significance of Asexual Awareness Week?  

Asexual Awareness Week is a time to recognise the diversity of asexual identities and to foster a better understanding of asexuality. This week is also a time to provide education and resources to those who are questioning their sexuality or seeking information about asexuality.

Asexuality is an often misunderstood and overlooked sexual orientation. Asexual Awareness Week is an important time for the asexual community to raise awareness about asexuality, to support and celebrate asexual people, and to create a safe space for asexual individuals to express their identities. Asexual Awareness Week is also an opportunity to challenge the myths and misconceptions that exist about asexuality, and to provide an opportunity for asexual people to form connections and create a sense of community.

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The goal of Asexual Awareness Week is to create a safer and more accepting environment for asexual people so they can feel free to express their identities. Through creating a greater awareness and understanding of asexuality, Asexual Awareness Week helps to create a more inclusive environment for asexual individuals.

Other relevant LGBTQ+ awareness days

In addition to Asexual Awareness Week, there are many other LGBTQ+ awareness periods throughout the year. These days help to raise awareness of the LGBTQ+ community and fight discrimination. 

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