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What is the progress LGBT pride flag and what does it mean?

Progress pride flag 

The Progress pride flag was designed by Daniel Quasar in 2018, and features a forward-moving 5-coloured chevron on top of the popular 6-coloured rainbow pride flag. 

The 5 new colours added includes black and brown (which represent people of colour) and pink, light blue, and white (which are used in the Transgender pride flag). 

Meaning behind the colours: 

  • Black and brown represent people of colour
  • Pink represents the traditional colour for baby girls
  • Light blue represents the traditional colour for baby boys
  • White represents the lack of gender, a gender beyond the binary, or people who are transitioning
  • Red represents life
  • Orange represents healing
  • Yellow represents sunlight
  • Green represents nature
  • Blue represents serenity
  • Purple represents spirit

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