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What is the Non-binary (enby) pride flag and what does it mean?

Non-binary (enby) pride flag

Non-binary folks have gender identities that fall beyond the gender binary (male / female). This includes folks who are agender (who typically don’t experience a gender), multi-gender (who experience more than 1 gender), genderfluid (who experiences different genders), and who experience genders that are outside of the male/female classification. 

The non-binary flag was designed by Kye Rowan in 2014. 

Meaning behind the colours

  • Yellow represents being outside the binary 
  • White represents all genders, since white is the presence of all light in the visible spectrum 
  • Purple represents fluidity and multiplicity of many gender experiences, the uniqueness and flexibility of non-binary people, as well as those whose gender experiences include being of or between female and male 
  • Black represents the absence of gender, since black is the absence of all light in the visible spectrum 

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