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What is the Lipstick Lesbian pride flag and what does it mean?

Lipstick Lesbian pride flag

“Lipstick lesbian” is a slang for more feminine-presenting lesbians, who may use make-up (lipstick), wear dresses, and so on. The term has been used since the 80s, and gained popularity by the 90s. 

In 2010, Natalie McCray published the lipstick lesbian pride flag, which was meant to represent the lipstick lesbian sub-group. However, claims of plagiarism were made against this flag design, which looked uncannily similar to the Cougar pride flag designed by Fausto Fernós in 2008. 

McCray was also accused of holding transphobic and exclusionist ideals, and her flag design was quickly dropped by most people within the community. The colours in her flag weren’t explained. 

Meaning behind the colours: Nobody knows. 

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