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What is the Lesbian Labrys pride flag and what does it mean?

Lesbian Labrys pride flag

This flag was designed in 1999 by Sean Campbell for the lesbian community, but hasn’t gained widespread adoption. Part of the reason could be because the flag was designed by a gay man, and not a lesbian. 

Some transphobic camps have attempted to claim the labrys as a symbol for their campaigns, but the origins of this pride flag was never grounded in transphobia. 

Meaning behind the flag: 

  • The labrys is a mythical weapon used by the Amazons, which has been adopted by feminists since the 70s as a symbol of empowerment 
  • The black inverted triangle calls back to the time when Nazis captured homosexual women and labelled them with black triangles for being “asocial” 
  • The violet background was associated with lesbians due to the poetry of Sappho 

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