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What is the Asexual pride flag and what does it mean?

Asexual pride flag 

Asexual folks generally don’t feel sexual attraction or desire. Asexuality is a spectrum, with a total lack of sexual attraction on one end (asexual), and having sexual attraction on the other (allosexual). Folks who identify in between both ends are known broadly as gray ace, and may feel sexual attraction to some people (e.g. people whom they have emotional relationships with, and not strangers like celebrities or eye candies). 

The asexual pride flag was formalised in 2010 after an online vote by members of various asexual communities. 

Meaning behind the colours: 

  • Black represents asexuality 
  • White represents allosexuality (presence of sexual attraction)
  • Gray represents the gray ace folks in the asexual spectrum
  • Purple represents community, because the AVEN (Asexual Visibility and Education Network) website had a purple colour scheme 

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