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What is the LGBTQ+ rainbow pride flag and what does it mean?

LGBTQ+ rainbow pride flag 

This is probably the most common LGBTQ+ rainbow pride flag you’ll see these days. This 6-coloured rainbow pride flag is the version that was adopted into emoji form in 2016: 🏳️‍🌈

In November 1978, Harvey Milk was assassinated by a former supervisor, and became an icon of gay martyrship overnight. Demand for the rainbow pride flag soared, but flag makers at that time had difficulty getting hot pink fabric. Hot pink was thus dropped from the flag in November 1978. 

In 1979, the San Francisco pride parade wanted to split the flag into two in order to display each half on one side of the parade route. They needed an even number of colours for that, so turquoise was dropped. 

Meaning behind the colours: 

  • Red represents life
  • Orange represents healing
  • Yellow represents sunlight
  • Green represents nature
  • Blue represents serenity
  • Purple represents spirit

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